Birthday Cookie Experiment

It’s Grandpa’s birthday.

We are making cookies because it is Grandpa’s birthday today.  I want to share them.  If you want one, come over and say “Happy Birthday to Grandpa”, you will get a cookie, even though Grandpa is not here.

They are Cowgirl Cookies.  There is chocolate chips, raisins, cranberries, oatmeal, and butter in them.  I am going to put half of them with nuts and half of them without walnuts.

The first batch is in the oven.  You can start coming whenever until 6:30 tonight.  Tomorrow you can come after 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. because we have church.

My experiment is to see how many people come.  I think at least, about, maybe four people will come.  I want at least 10 people to come.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!


Cookies are yummy!

Yesterday we made some cookies.  Momma melted the chocolate and the kids did the rest.  You put the chocolate in a pan with boiling hot water in a different pan underneath.  If the chocolate gets to hot, it turns crunchy.  I got to help.

I put peanut butter on crackers and another cracker on it.  Then we got wax paper on the table and some sprinkles.  Then we put melted chocolate-white chocolate and black chocolate on the table.  We dipped the cookies into the melted chocolate, and then we got them out.  Then we put them on the wax paper.   We put sprinkles on the cookie before it dried.

We mixed  up some of the colors, like black with white chocolate.  The cookies were good!

My favorites were the black chocolate and the white chocolate mix.

I took the picture of the cookies and of Adrian eating!