Soups and Stew

French Onion Soup

We have been learning new soups and stews. I have liked them all except for the clam chowder! But, I tried it and brought it home for everyone else to try too. Grandpa and Grandma really liked that one 🙂


Here are some of the goodies I have made this semester.

The tree has Nutella that I made at school before Christmas. The cookies on the left are ginger and the yellow ones are lemon cookies.

My favorite was the extra Nutella that did not go into the tree. I enjoyed eating it plain. We also made truffles with it that were very good!

More Cooking Adventures

Here are some other recipes I learned to make (or learned to make better). So far, learning to make Rangoon or better-than-Mom’s stew has been my favorite.

We also learned to make some salads and good dressings. I learned I do NOT like blue cheese.

Tomorrow we are taking the “practice” servesafe test. I will be able to see how much I learned from the pre-test we took at the beginning of the year. I hope to do really well so I can take the real servesafe test soon.

Mummy and Popcorn

For class today we got to stay out of the rain 🙂 We also made cinnamon apple mummies and popcorn “pumpkins”. Then, since we finished early, we got to watch a classic Adam’s Family tv show.

I think I had more fun then the other kids because I had good food, a fun movie and stayed dry!

Culinary Arts

Bangers and Mash

I am taking a culinary class. It is in the afternoons at the Career Center. I really like my teacher.

I am learning about sanitation and food borne illnesses. There are a lot of food borne illnesses and they have some gross effects!

I learned how to properly cut a chicken without leaving much meat on the bones and having them in nice pieces. I have learned some different cuts for vegetables.

I enjoy the class a lot, but it is very hard. Mondays and Tuesdays are test days and learning the new things. Wednesdays are to finish up. Thursdays and Fridays are “labs” and I get to learn how to cook new things.

So far this year we have made cookies (to learn how to use a food scale). All of the ingredients were in ounces and we used shortening and butter instead of just butter. Momma liked the Snickerdoodles better than the recipe we have at home.

Then we learned how to make Bangers and Mash. I practiced the julienne cut on the potatoes. I also learned to cut onions properly. The recipe was so good, I made it again at home.

This week I learned how to cut up a chicken. We used the chicken for some great dishes.