Maple Syrup Candy

We were reading Understood Betsy. Betsy made some sugar candy and then she ate it. Her favorite was crunchy that was still soft inside. Momma said we could try!

Today, because it was snowing, we boiled some maple syrup and we made it into Maple Syrup Candy. You put it (2 cups maple syrup) in a pan. Then we got a bowl and put some snow in the bowl. Momma boiled it–because it was getting to hot– and then we went outside and spooned the maple syrup on the snow. It turned into maple candy!

Then we ate it. It was good, it was sugary. I only had two pieces. It was chewy and crunchy. If you put it in longer, your candy got crunchier. I liked the crunchy one. We have some in the freezer because there was some leftover (we promised Daddy some 🙂 )

Momma cleaned the syrup pan by boiling water for hot chocolate. It had a little maple syrup taste. I liked it!

Here is the recipe:

  • Take two cups of pure maple syrup and boil it to 234 -255 degrees Fahrenheit. We did it close to 240 degrees, but Momma said we would try a little longer next time.
  • Take the pot carefully outside. Do not put it in the snow because it cools to quickly! Pour the candy on the snow. Let cool a few seconds.
  • Pick up candy and eat. We played some with it because it was like toffee and we could pull it.
  • Don’t let it sit in the snow long or it will start to dissolve and you have maple flavored snow.
  • Boil water in pan to clean out remaining syrup. Use the water for hot chocolate or your favorite tea.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. OOh, That sounds like fun. I just learned that one cannot get Maple trees anywhere in Canada!
    Aunty Lorraine

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