Colorado Tea Party

We had a tea party with our aunts while we were in Colorado. The boys went exploring and learning about Oma’s old home.

We had cookies, apples and almonds to eat. Everybody talked and had a great time!

I am looking forward to our next Colorado Tea party! I hope it is sooner than two years from now! I really like my aunts and I like Colorado.

Tea Party
Momma, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Katherine, Aunt Francis and son, Me, Megan, Oma and Aunt Michelle


Marshmallow Thief

Today I cooked snack. Megan wanted to help, so I let her.  Then she disappeared. I thought she was playing with Adrian or Audrey. Then I opened the cupboard to get something. Megan was hiding in there, in the dark, opening the marshmallow bag up so she could have some marshmallows! Then she got them opened and she started eating them. Momma said to share and Megan closed the door!

Giving Thanks–Messy Megan

The other day Megan was pretending to be a princess. After dinner, Megan was showing Daddy how to be a princess. Then she ate something and got it all over her face!

I am thankful for a sister that is funny!  Well, I have two silly sisters, but one is a princess and the other is a monkey.

Thank you God for my sisters!

Eleven Years Old!

It Is My B- day.  We had pancacs. And a cup for orjos. for lunch. The pankaks had a  cream cheese. and swrgr surols. It wos good. I am having a fun day. We just had kake and ice krem.

Translation if you need it:

It is my b-day.  We had pancakes. And a cup of orange juice for lunch. The pancakes had a cream cheese and sugar swirls.  It was good.  I am having a fun day.  We just had cake and ice cream.

Here is the pancake recipe if you want to try them too.

Make your favorite pancake batter. We made pumpkin pancakes with gingerbread cookie spice in it.

Make a cinnamon topping with 1 stick melted butter, 3/4 cup brown sugar and 1 TBL of ground cinnamon.  Mix together well and put in a ziplock bag.

Make the icing by adding 4 Tbl softened butter to 2 ounces of cream cheese.  Add 3/4 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.  Mix well until no lumps remain.

Start baking the pancakes like normal.  But, after clipping a small hole in the bag, squeeze some cinnamon mixture in a spiral over the pancake before flipping.  Cook as normal.  When ready to eat, add cream cheese icing.

Daddy said these would be great for a Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast!