Momma was taking hummingbird pictures before they migrate. I wanted to take some. So I sat doing nothing, waiting for a hummingbird to come. It was nice and cool. There was a little bit of a breeze. I felt lazy. It felt good!

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P.S. And I can count this toward this week’s photography class 🙂


flowersI learned how to make paper flowers. Momma’s cousin’s wife, Dove, taught Audrey and me how to. They are fun and easy to make and they look pretty.

Old Magazine Art

Andrea nameThis is a fun art project using your old magazines.  Get a thick piece of paper and cut your magazines into one inch strips. Fold them in half the long way and then glue them on the heavy paper. Then you cut off the excess from the edges. Make a design on another piece of paper, then glue it on top of the magazine strips.