Adrian’s First Trip to the Dentist

At the dentistI let Adrian write this blog for me.  Me and Audrey and Adrian went to the dentist yesterday.  Here’s his story.

I went to the dentist. Uncle Sam is Angelique’s husband. He is my dentist.

Audrey went first. Andrea went second. Adrian went third.

I walked in the room. I sat on the fun ride seat. It was white (it was really blue! :)  A little apprehensive). The seat went down and down and I was laying down.I touched the tickle toothbrush on my hands. I did not like the toothpaste. She (the hygienist) counted my teeth. I have 20 teeth. I didn’t like the second toothpaste (fluoride).

I got the yellow toothbrush and some bubblegum toothpaste and the stickers!

I like the dentist.

🙂 P.S.  Now we have a new game to play!Playing dentist

Adrian’s Story

This post was written by Adrian.

I sleep in my big boy bed.  I like it.  It is more comfortable then the other crib.  I have (stuffed) animals (at the foot of the bed).  I have Tigger and Pooh bear (blanket).  Mark sleeps upstairs (on the top bunk) on the big boy bed.  The crib is all gone.

Chai Taste Test

We made some home made instant chai. Then we had a taste test.

We wrote on a piece of paper which one we thought we would like best. Then we tasted one, two, three, four and five.

My favorite one was FIVE because it was the creamiest.  I don’t like number three, it tasted like water.

This chart is who liked what.  Everybody did it except for Momma, because she knew which one was which.

If you want to see how to make it, go to Momma’s recipe blog.

Home made #1 with Nestea


Home made #2 with Meijer brand


Control Sample


Home made #1 with Meijer brand


Sam’s Club “Enchanted Chai”


Favorite * ** **
Creamiest * * ***
Spicyest * **
Worst ***
Prettiest * * *
Best Smell *

Happy May Day

Today we got flowers!  They were outside on the salt bags.  It’s a mystery who gave them to us.  It says Happy May Day & God Bless You.

I like them.  There were “Heart’s Blood”  (Bleeding Hearts), Tulips, and Daffodils.   My favorite are the Heart’s Blood.

We think it was Auntie Angelique or Uncle Sam.

Thank you for whoever gave us the flowers.