Camp Patmos

Being able to go to camp Patmos to help this summer was a lot of fun.

First, I had to learn how to fill out an application.  It was okay, but a little challenging.  The next one will be a lot easier.

Then I got to learn how to work in the kitchen during staff training.  I stayed the first week of camp to help.

Here are some pictures of when I was heading home.  I will post more when I have the chance.

P.S.  I would really like to go help again soon.

With Auntie Kristie before leaving.
Taking the ferry for the first time by myself.
On the other side with Daddy!

2 thoughts on “Camp Patmos”

  1. Andrea,
    You are beautiful inside and out. What a joy to be around your giggles and see first hand your heart to serve God and serve others.
    I love you!!
    Auntie Kristi
    ps- COME BACK!!!!!!

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