The Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I got a fan and my sister got a fan.  I got one with a dragon on it.  Audrey got one with a flower.  We got it from a program we went to called Flintlock and Tomahawk.  (It was at The Elkhart County Historical Museum).  We played.

I tasted some yummy old fashioned candy.  We learned candy was medicine.  They changed it cause they realized it was a treat if they put more sugar in and take the medicine out.

Tea used to look like a  thick block.  They used a knife and them scraped it off.  Them cut a little block out when they were selling tea.

We went yesterday because it was Daddy’s birthday and it was Sunday.

Yesterday, Daddy turned 35?  I think.  He’s the best Daddy in the WHOLE WIDE world!  My momma loves him.  Me and Audrey and Adrian and Mark love him.    His Dad and his mom and our family loves him and some friends love him.

Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Daddy!

2 thoughts on “The Happy Birthday!”

  1. Andrea,
    I agree, you do have the world’s best Daddy. Aren’t you thankful that God gave you him?

    You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and enjoy first grade!

    I love you LOTS,

  2. Andrea,

    I love the picture of you and your Daddy. It is really nice. I love you and all your family.


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