Easter Dresses

Easter dressesThis pattern is from my Great Grandma.  It was a dress she had made in the 1950’s!

I liked this dress so I made it for Easter.  I found the material off the sale rack and Daddy we said we could buy it.  It is the first time I ever picked out everything myself.

The hardest part was doing the hem, because it was like ten million yards!  It felt like that because it is a circle skirt plus an insert because it is a wrap around.  The original dress pattern is just below the knees, but I wanted it longer, so we added some length to it.

Instead of buttons on the front, we put grommets and a tie.  It fits me perfectly right now, but we wanted it to fit longer. Momma said, “a lot longer!”

Megan wanted to match me.  So we found a pattern and it was the wrong way around. So we reversed it and altered it some.

I want to make another dress like this one.