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On Friday we drove fours hours when Daddy got home from work to get ready for my soccer tournament.

The first game was Saturday. It was freezing out! I saw lots of people but I thought it would be easy to find my team. It took “forever” to find them. There were “thousands” of people and “hundreds” of fields and we did not know exactly what field we were supposed to be on.

Once I found my team, we started warm up. The first game went good, but we were freezing on the bench. We won the first game 2-1.  I was cold and ready to go for some hot chocolate. One of the girls had brought an RV and they invited us to have a tail gate party with them. We had some warm food and got warm.

Then we went back and jogged some and did some other exercises. The weather was slightly warmer. We were not freezing! It was another hard game but we won 4-3.

After the game we went back to our bed and breakfast. I took a shower to warm up.  We took a walk and got some chocolates from a neat candy store. Then we had popcorn and watched a movie.

We knew that if my team won Sunday’s game we would go to the finals.  Our coach said it was a “very good team and it was their home field so they knew every bump and blade of grass.” Taylor’s mom brought us honey because she heard that honey was good for pre games. It tasted good, but I don’t know if it helped our game.

It was warm out. The team was as tough as coach Dan said. It was the hardest game we had. Mark said it was the most exciting. We scored just before half time. We did not make any more goals for the whole game. My team won, 1-0!

Daddy treated us to elephant ears and corn dogs for lunch. Then we went back to the RV. Then we had our last game.

That was hard, but the one before was harder. We were tired of playing.  One dad was teasing that we lost because Audrey’s coach came to watch the game. It probably was not true, but it was funny. We lost 3-5. Some of the team was sad because we lost, but I did not care because I had fun.

After the game we got a trophy because my team won second place in the Girls U12 division!

Coach Dan was a good coach. He let me play as often as the other girls even though I am not the best player. He often yelled “Good job, Andrea”. During the tournament, I was blocking the ball. It hit so hard that it made a goal for the other team. Coach Dan said that often happens that it hits hard and either way it would have been a goal. But he said that I was doing my job and it was okay.  When I made my first “real” goal, he said “good job” and that I was on the left side but I hit the right corner of the goal  and that is what he wants to see. He also wants to see the ball hit the back of the net in the air. I hope to have Coach Dan again.

The tournament was fun. It was hard.  I hope to go to another tournament some day.

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