Going Crazy

One cold slippery afternoon, Daddy said, “Get into the car, we are going crazy!” We all hurried to get ready.

I saw Megan crying because she could not find her shoes. I looked under the couches. I looked in her room. I looked everywhere! Megan finally found her shoes in the shoe cupboard. I did not look in there because they are never where they belong!

Mark warmed up the car, while we all got in. One of the seat belts froze, so we all went inside while the car warmed up. The seat belt finally thawed so we scrambled back into the car.

We slowly drive down County Road 24. It was slippery and snowing. When we got to the horse farm, school just got out! There was a line of ten buses waiting to cross the street. It took awhile to get to the four way street. Adrian started asking riddles. Mark gave silly answers.

When we finally got to the next crossing, a bunch of cars were going by. We had to wait at the stop sign for a long time. While we waited, Megan started to sing “Do You Want To Build A Snow Man”.

When we crossed and got to the three way street, the other school buses where there! We counted fifteen more buses. Audrey’s knitting yarn rolled away while Adrian told a story about a snake. Audrey’s yarn rolled with help to Momma’s leg. Momma screamed because it felt like a snake! And Momma does not like snakes! Daddy started laughing and then turned left.

We reached the split in the road. There was five inches of snow where we turned. We got stuck. Daddy backed up and tried again. We got stuck again. We tried again and got through!

We turned right in Wings Etc. There was a line so we had to wait. We were seated. It was the waitresses first time on her own. We got our waitress so confused because some of us ordered with someone else and some did not. We ordered a lot of different kind of wings. We were able to help her out. Our order came out right on the first try.

When we got home, it was late. I went straight to sleep. But when I got up, I decided last night we didn’t go crazy. With four siblings at home, home is crazy!

Indoor Soccer


This is last weeks game. The skor was 5/3. I had fun. You can bouns the ball off the wall. I did not now that. If the ball goes up over the wall–there is a net to catch it.  Then it is a kick in. There is plastik to see throu.

Can you ges were I am?  Here is a clou, I am no 9. 🙂

My indoor game schedule is every Friday at 5:00 until the 14th of March.  As of now, when those games are done, I am finished with games for awhile.  My games are all at Elkhart Sports Center on 1162 Fremont Ct.  When you go in the building, the field is on the left.There is plenty of room if you want to come watch.