Old Dolls!

Today we went to Grandma’s house.  We saw some old dolls.

One was Grandma’s and it was 60 years old.  When Grandma was five, she got the doll.  Her sister was asked what she wanted.  Her sister said a train.

There are three black dolls.  One is in this pretty dress, all pink.  One is in overalls with a striped shirt and then the last one is a little doll in overalls that look like pants with a shirt. These are from Mrs. Washington.  They were Great Grandma Lamb’s.  She is Momma’s Daddy’s Momma.  Mrs.  Washington was her neighbor. She called Great Grandma Lamb “her white granddaughter!”.

There were some other dolls.  They were littler.  Great Grandma said that one was from Great Grandpa when he went to England and it was over 100 years old! The oldest doll is sitting by my arm on the right by the black doll.

There was other fragile ones.  Some of them were between in age.

Momma’s dolls are porcelain dolls.  One has white hair, one has yellow hair.  The yellow hair one has a red dress with a sunbonnet.  The white hair doll has a white and green dress and wearing a white hat with a green ribbon.

In the picture with Great Grandma, Mark is standing on his tippy toes!


Happy SEVENTH Birthday!

Today is Andrea’s Seventh Birthday!

Yesterday Andrea was surprised with a party with Uncle Joe, Auntie Lauri and Uncle George and her cousins Esther and Georgie.  Grandma and Grandpa planned it all and brought a wonderful chocolate cake and pizza!

Andrea,  I am so glad that God gave you to us as our daughter!  Thank you for your smiles and hugs and giggles.  You are a great helper.   You are learning to be a wonderful cook.

Have a wonderful birthday!  We love you lots!

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl!

We love you very much!

Daddy and Momma

The Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I got a fan and my sister got a fan.  I got one with a dragon on it.  Audrey got one with a flower.  We got it from a program we went to called Flintlock and Tomahawk.  (It was at The Elkhart County Historical Museum).  We played.

I tasted some yummy old fashioned candy.  We learned candy was medicine.  They changed it cause they realized it was a treat if they put more sugar in and take the medicine out.

Tea used to look like a  thick block.  They used a knife and them scraped it off.  Them cut a little block out when they were selling tea.

We went yesterday because it was Daddy’s birthday and it was Sunday.

Yesterday, Daddy turned 35?  I think.  He’s the best Daddy in the WHOLE WIDE world!  My momma loves him.  Me and Audrey and Adrian and Mark love him.    His Dad and his mom and our family loves him and some friends love him.

Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Daddy!

4-H Fair Continued

I was in Exploring 4-H.  I was doing cooking.  I won a blue ribbon for making really good cookies. I made them all by myself.  Momma helped me by pouring the hot stuff into the cereal.  I did everything else.

When we went to the 4-H fair, we ate curly fry chips.  We ate elephant ears and home made cookies and an apple (or an orange) and buffalo hamburgers.  I liked it!

We petted horses.  We saw an animal show with tigers.  I liked them.  I think the white ones with stripes were my favorites.

Yes please, I want to do it again next year!

Fun ride at the 4-H Fair

My first roller coaster ride!
My first roller coaster ride!

We went to the fair last week.  I got to ride on Crazy Mouse!  I liked it.  It kind of felt like you would fall off the edge.   It turned and we didn’t fall off the edge!  We spinned and at the end it spinned.

And then we went to another ride, the fire truck.  Audrey wanted to ride it.  It was fun but one time it felt like it was going forward, but it was really going backwards!

Good bye for right now!  Later I will tell about somethings I did for 4-H.

Bye for now!