Friends Over and Hatching Butterflies!

Wednesday friends came over because we had hatching butterflies.  Six of them!  And Grandma and Grandpa came over.

One hatched while Grandpa and Nana wasn’t there.  He was totally done when they came.  Sarah and Thomas saw it hatching!

We had fun playing with the butterflies and with our friends.  It took awhile for all of them to hatch.

Sarah did not want a butterfly in her hair.  But her Momma told her it doesn’t hurt.  Finally she did it!

There was three butterfly hatched while we were playing with them.  Thomas put one on Mark’s arm.  Sarah put another one on a different arm and I put it in the middle of him–on his nose!  He could not do anything because he had two butterflies on his arms 🙂

I was sad about the last butterfly.  We did not keep guard like Momma said.  We all weren’t obeying her.  It hatched and we did not know it.  I learned that I have to obey when I am told to.

I want to see if it is a girl or a boy.  I have to wait till it opens its wings.

I am happy because we raised eleven butterflies all together!  And soon I get to play with the new butterfly!

Silly pictures!

Yesterday we had a party and Auntie Lorraine and Uncle Steve came.  They are from Swaziland!  They are Uncle John’s Momma and Daddy.  I like them!  And Oma and Opa came.  We had tea and we ate dinner.  I showed everybody our chrysalises.  We have seven now!

I took pictures of everybody being silly.  Auntie Lorraine’s didn’t turn out  :(  I am sad.  If Auntie Lorraine gives me another silly picture I will put it on my blog  🙂

Here are the pictures. 

Riding my Bike, Plus Church!

On Sunday, Mark helped me to ride my bike!  I did it the first time!  I can ride my bike!

I can ride it in the grass.  I can ride it on the bumps.  I can ride it on the dirt driveway.  I can’t ride it if both cars are there, I have trouble driving it through.

I feel good about it!  I snitched one of the pictures Mark took of me.  I like this picture!

I got to go to the First Grade Class for Sunday School!  Momma and Daddy surprised me by being my teachers!  I don’t remember my other teachers.  I like it!  It will be a fun year!

On Sunday before church in the morning, the butterfly hatched!   Oma taught me a poem about a butterfly in the three year old Sunday School class.

I saw a little caterpillar. It wiggled up a tree.
It wiggled long, it wiggled short, it wiggled right at me!
I put him in a little box, “Don’t go away!” I said.
But when I opened up the box, he was a butterfly instead!
I could never make one, even if I tried.
Only God in Heaven can make a butterfly!

We let our butterfly go.  It will go to Mexico, so it can stay there for the winter.  She will married and then she will have her babies.   She will lay her eggs on the way back.

Making a chrysalis

Yesterday, we saw a caterpillar hang in a “j”.  Then it made its chrysalis!  It made a chrysalis faster than the last one!  He wiggled.  He is a wiggle worm! Now he is in his chysalis.  He is all green with yellow dots on his front and black and white on top.  The white is holding him up to some paper.

Today we saw another one make his chrysalis.  It took longer than all of them to start making his chrysalis.

I liked watching it make the chrysalis. 

Trying to Ride my Bike

Yesterday we took a walk.  Daddy got home before us.  I got my bike out.  I tried riding it and I couldn’t.  I looked at both sides and I couldn’t find the training wheel!   I was only riding with one training wheel before.  You can see in the pictures I am learning to ride a bike without training wheels!

I want the wheel on my girly bike fixed for my birthday.  I also want a “pretty, girly” helmet.

I am doing very well riding my bike, but I am still having trouble.  The bike I am using is wiggly and I can’t get control of it.  I need that fixed!  (Momma said it really is a wiggly bike, not just me learning how to ride!)

I am learning to ride my bike in the road.  I tried today and yesterday.  Momma took pictures.  Momma and everyone else looks for cars.

Momma says everyone falls at least once, but I don’t like it!

I don’t know how long until I am going to ride my bike alone.


Today we found a Walking Stick.  He was on a poster.  Mark said “What is that?”  Momma said “I think that is a Walking Stick”.  Mark carried it and it jumped off Mark.  I carried it and it jumped off me.  Then Momma carried it and it didn’t jump off her.  We taked pictures of it.

Yesterday, we went to Science Sleuths.   We was learning about Metamorphis.  It means change.

We looked for bugs.  Miss Krista said there was a caterpillar on a leaf.  She looked in her book.  We thought it was a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar.   I learned how to use a microscope.   When you look through a microscope you can see things close up.

Sunday, we found a Praying Mantis.  My momma gave it to me.  It climbed in my hair!

Our caterpillars are growing.  We still have one “chrystralist” (how I say chrysalis).  If you look closely, you can see the wings of  the butterfly!  The “chrystralist” is still green.  When the other ones make their “chrystralists” we will put them in the aquarium.

I like raising caterpillars.  It is fun!


Today the caterpillar made his chrysalis.  Momma took a picture of it for me.  It is all green except for a yellow “crack” and yellow dots.  I like it!

This morning he was hanging in a “j”.  He builded it by wiggling.  He started from the bottom and worked up.  I don’t know what that’s called where he is hanging.

Soon it will turn into a pretty butterfly!

We found a caterpillar!

We looked on a leaf– actually a milkweed leaf–and Momma found Monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars!  After church, we stopped to get some milkweed because we were running low and Momma found a big Monarch caterpillar, a big one and big one!  It looked like it was going to make its cocoon tomorrow.

It ate a whole milkweed leaf since yesterday!

I hope it makes a beautiful girl butterfly.  It makes a cocoon and then turns into a beautiful butterfly!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

The Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I got a fan and my sister got a fan.  I got one with a dragon on it.  Audrey got one with a flower.  We got it from a program we went to called Flintlock and Tomahawk.  (It was at The Elkhart County Historical Museum).  We played.

I tasted some yummy old fashioned candy.  We learned candy was medicine.  They changed it cause they realized it was a treat if they put more sugar in and take the medicine out.

Tea used to look like a  thick block.  They used a knife and them scraped it off.  Them cut a little block out when they were selling tea.

We went yesterday because it was Daddy’s birthday and it was Sunday.

Yesterday, Daddy turned 35?  I think.  He’s the best Daddy in the WHOLE WIDE world!  My momma loves him.  Me and Audrey and Adrian and Mark love him.    His Dad and his mom and our family loves him and some friends love him.

Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Daddy!