Going to a water park

On Monday we went to a water park.   It was very fun!  My cousins invited all of us.

It was called the Kalihari.  It had a water park inside and a hotel.

In the water park, one of the hot tubs went outside!  There was a wavepool that had waves.  There was a buzzing sound and the waves came.  There was a water tunnel.  It was tube and you went down on a inner tube. There was a one person and two person inner tube.  There was a water coaster and “Boogy boarding”.

A big bucket with an elephant on it would fill up.  It was on top of a building.  Then it tipped over on you.  It felt like bees stinging you.

There was one called Lazy River.  You floated around on inner tubes. There was a tunnel and there was pictures painted on the wall.  I could touch the bottom.  I ran into every waterfall. 

I don’t know what my favorite  thing was.

We had fun and we came home on Tuesday night.

We ate all of the sandwich that Daddy bought for us.  All the kids had one big sandwich and we ate it all.  We told Daddy to go back inside and then we ate another one.  Daddy came out again and we said we need another one and Daddy went inside and got one for Momma and Daddy.

Then we went home.  I ran downstairs and hugged all my teddys then changed into pajamas, brushed my teeth and went to bed!

This is Adrain talking on my blog.   I slide down on the slide and big bubbles!  Played in the little bubbles.  I stand on hot tub.  I floated on hot tub.  I had fun watching Daddy.

Princess Thursday

Last Thursday, I asked Jesus into my heart!  That means I am a child of God.  I asked him to take my sins away and I want to be like Jesus!  He will help me to obey.

Mark was gone and it was hard.  When Mark is gone I disobey Momma a lot.  I felt sad before I asked Jesus into my heart, I got into trouble.   Mark helps me to obey Momma.  Momma said that Jesus could help me to obey.  That if I asked Jesus into my heart, I could obey Momma a lot easier.  And that he would make my heart as white as the snow.

I  know Jesus was born as a baby in a stable.  Jesus is God’s son.  I know Jesus walked on water.  I know Jesus never sinned.  I know that Jesus died on the cross for my disobeying my parents and to wash my sins away.  I know Jesus rose again and is living in heaven.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him will have eternal life (up in heaven!)  John 3:16

Here is a verse to help me obey.  The Lord is faithful, he will strengthen you.  He will guard you from the evil one.  2 Thessalonians 3:3.

These are verses that I learned.

A Visit to Santa

Yesterday we visited Santa.  When we got our Christmas tree we saw two Santas.  We said hello them them.  We got a candy cane from all of them.  We bought a picture from Santa.   I asked Santa for some snow and for doll clothes for my doll, Mary.

Which picture looks like you think Santa Claus should look?

(There is not a real Santa.  St. Nick was the real Santa.  He died.)

I will write after Christmas who I think looks like the real Santa Claus.


Cookies are yummy!

Yesterday we made some cookies.  Momma melted the chocolate and the kids did the rest.  You put the chocolate in a pan with boiling hot water in a different pan underneath.  If the chocolate gets to hot, it turns crunchy.  I got to help.

I put peanut butter on crackers and another cracker on it.  Then we got wax paper on the table and some sprinkles.  Then we put melted chocolate-white chocolate and black chocolate on the table.  We dipped the cookies into the melted chocolate, and then we got them out.  Then we put them on the wax paper.   We put sprinkles on the cookie before it dried.

We mixed  up some of the colors, like black with white chocolate.  The cookies were good!

My favorites were the black chocolate and the white chocolate mix.

I took the picture of the cookies and of Adrian eating!

A Thanksgiving Poem

A Thanksgiving Poem

By Andrea (with a itty bitty help from Mark and Audrey)

“Gobble Gobble”, said the turkey.

Help me, I think that I am in a trap!

Men are coming with knives over here.

I don’t know why…Oh no, they are cooking me!

“This turkey is delicious”, said the people.

The beans and smashed potatoes–not for me!,

Turkey, turkey and more turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for cats, my family, my friends, Grandma and Grandpa, Oma and Opa and Uncles and Aunts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

First Snow of Year on Grandma’s Birthday!

Yesterday was the first day of  snow.  We went to Science Sleuths with our sleds.

We went to Pizza Hut and had some pizza.  We ate it at Oxbow Park, because that’s where Science Sleuths is.  It was snowing and it was a snow picnic!

We went to  Science Sleuths.  We learned about hibernation.  That is when something is sleeping in its house like bears.  But they live in caves.

Then after Science Sleuths we sled down the hills!  I liked it.  Tyler is Miss Krista’s son.  Miss Krista teaches Science Sleuths and Nature Nuts.  Tyler went down the hill with me and we flipped.  It was fun.  Yes, it was fun.

I had fun on Grandma’s Birthday!

P. S.  Today we made our first snowman! 🙂

Happy Halloween

Today, we went to the Trick or Treat Goshen and we trick or treated there.  When we were done, we put some candy into some bags.  Every year we pass out candy at Oma’s house, because we have too many!

In my picture I am Queen Susan.  One day, it was first day Sunday in the first grade Sunday class.  I forgot to show Mark something and I went into my bag and I found a pattern.  I wanted it for my birthday.  Momma fixed it and hid it.  Today, I found it and I thought she was going to wear it, but…

I realized Momma wasn’t going to wear it.  It was for me!  I like it! 

Mark and Daddy

Yesterday, Mark and Daddy fixed my bike!  They had to fix my wheel because it was broken.  It had a little hole in it.

I tried riding it; the first time I fell down–but I caught myself– ’cause the seat was too high.  Daddy and Mark fixed that.

I tried riding it the second time and I didn’t fall down!  I can ride my bike!

Mark did a good job!  Thank you, Mark!