today   we    had snow!  (I wrote this by myself!)

Now Momma is helping me.

Last night, it snowed.  It looked different because we hadn’t had snow in awhile.  It was pretty!

I looked out the window and I saw snow.  It was packing snow!  We made snowmen and a snow horse.  We had fun.

We played outside before school.  We got hot chocolate!  I did my math.  I am learning how to do fractions.  We are having chicken tomato soup with fishy crackers and carrots for lunch.

Andrea (I wrote this too!)

Half Birthday

Today is my half birthday and I am sick!

I am 7 and a half.  Momma says that I am officially 7 and a half because I was born at 6:05!

I got sick because Mark got sick.  I have a fever, a head ache and a cough.  I feel like crying because I feel bad.

Some good things for my half birthday.  I get ice cream and brownie!  It sounds good.  We got to watch the second Acts movie.  I don’t know what my favorite part it.  Momma is reading us Gooney Bird Greene.  She was late for school and she also did some stories about her.  I want to finish the book now.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Eye Doctor again

Today I went to the eye doctor.  I don’t need glasses!  Hooray!

The nurse took a picture of my eyes and then made me read the numbers.  I got some hot chocolate.  The eye doctor said the picture of my eyes look good!

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpas  house.

Then we went to the Bookworm.   That is a place where we buy books.  I got a dolly book and a Sea Princess book.

Then we went out to eat.  I ate pizza and a breadstick.  I drank lots of pop!

Then we went home.  We played and then cleaned and now I am finishing my blog.

My best part of the day was going out to eat!  Then the bookstore.

Going to the Eye Doctor

Yesterday at 10:00, I went to the eye doctor.  I was nervous.

Me and the nurse played some games.  We played some word games.  We played with pictures.  After we played the games, them put something in my eyes.  They made me BLINK!  Then we went into the hallway.  I had some hot chocolate and two cookies!

Then I went with Momma.  After she went with the nurse, we saw the eye doctor.  He was nice.  I was a little scared of him.  He showed me some pictures of birthday cakes, an old old old phone, and a duck.

When it was Momma’s turn, she said to read a book.   When I tried it was all blurry.  I couldn’t even see a word! She said “Did the nurse put something in your eyes?”  I said yes.  She said, “then you can’t read!”

When it was my turn to see the eye doctor I got more hot chocolate and cookies.  Momma faked reading a book, because she couldn’t see either!  I helped Momma pick out new glasses.  They are really pretty.

I have to come back another day.  The eye doctor said that I was far sighted.  He said that was normal for kids.  He saw something interesting in my eyes and he wants to see me not this Tuesday but the following Tuesday.

We went to Grandma’s house.  We had some juice and a peanut butter sandwhich.  Then we went to pick up Audrey and Adrian and Mark.  Then we went home.

The end.

Going to a water park

On Monday we went to a water park.   It was very fun!  My cousins invited all of us.

It was called the Kalihari.  It had a water park inside and a hotel.

In the water park, one of the hot tubs went outside!  There was a wavepool that had waves.  There was a buzzing sound and the waves came.  There was a water tunnel.  It was tube and you went down on a inner tube. There was a one person and two person inner tube.  There was a water coaster and “Boogy boarding”.

A big bucket with an elephant on it would fill up.  It was on top of a building.  Then it tipped over on you.  It felt like bees stinging you.

There was one called Lazy River.  You floated around on inner tubes. There was a tunnel and there was pictures painted on the wall.  I could touch the bottom.  I ran into every waterfall. 

I don’t know what my favorite  thing was.

We had fun and we came home on Tuesday night.

We ate all of the sandwich that Daddy bought for us.  All the kids had one big sandwich and we ate it all.  We told Daddy to go back inside and then we ate another one.  Daddy came out again and we said we need another one and Daddy went inside and got one for Momma and Daddy.

Then we went home.  I ran downstairs and hugged all my teddys then changed into pajamas, brushed my teeth and went to bed!

This is Adrain talking on my blog.   I slide down on the slide and big bubbles!  Played in the little bubbles.  I stand on hot tub.  I floated on hot tub.  I had fun watching Daddy.

Princess Thursday

Last Thursday, I asked Jesus into my heart!  That means I am a child of God.  I asked him to take my sins away and I want to be like Jesus!  He will help me to obey.

Mark was gone and it was hard.  When Mark is gone I disobey Momma a lot.  I felt sad before I asked Jesus into my heart, I got into trouble.   Mark helps me to obey Momma.  Momma said that Jesus could help me to obey.  That if I asked Jesus into my heart, I could obey Momma a lot easier.  And that he would make my heart as white as the snow.

I  know Jesus was born as a baby in a stable.  Jesus is God’s son.  I know Jesus walked on water.  I know Jesus never sinned.  I know that Jesus died on the cross for my disobeying my parents and to wash my sins away.  I know Jesus rose again and is living in heaven.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him will have eternal life (up in heaven!)  John 3:16

Here is a verse to help me obey.  The Lord is faithful, he will strengthen you.  He will guard you from the evil one.  2 Thessalonians 3:3.

These are verses that I learned.

A Visit to Santa

Yesterday we visited Santa.  When we got our Christmas tree we saw two Santas.  We said hello them them.  We got a candy cane from all of them.  We bought a picture from Santa.   I asked Santa for some snow and for doll clothes for my doll, Mary.

Which picture looks like you think Santa Claus should look?

(There is not a real Santa.  St. Nick was the real Santa.  He died.)

I will write after Christmas who I think looks like the real Santa Claus.


Cookies are yummy!

Yesterday we made some cookies.  Momma melted the chocolate and the kids did the rest.  You put the chocolate in a pan with boiling hot water in a different pan underneath.  If the chocolate gets to hot, it turns crunchy.  I got to help.

I put peanut butter on crackers and another cracker on it.  Then we got wax paper on the table and some sprinkles.  Then we put melted chocolate-white chocolate and black chocolate on the table.  We dipped the cookies into the melted chocolate, and then we got them out.  Then we put them on the wax paper.   We put sprinkles on the cookie before it dried.

We mixed  up some of the colors, like black with white chocolate.  The cookies were good!

My favorites were the black chocolate and the white chocolate mix.

I took the picture of the cookies and of Adrian eating!

A Thanksgiving Poem

A Thanksgiving Poem

By Andrea (with a itty bitty help from Mark and Audrey)

“Gobble Gobble”, said the turkey.

Help me, I think that I am in a trap!

Men are coming with knives over here.

I don’t know why…Oh no, they are cooking me!

“This turkey is delicious”, said the people.

The beans and smashed potatoes–not for me!,

Turkey, turkey and more turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for cats, my family, my friends, Grandma and Grandpa, Oma and Opa and Uncles and Aunts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!