Wish list

Thank you so much for wanting to get something special for me!  How this page works:

    • Mom keeps this page up to date. When I think of something I would like, I ask her to add it to my list.  I do not look at this page.
    • If you buy something off this list, please tell Mom so I do not receive doubles. She will NOT tell me and I won’t check this page.
    • Please ask Momma or Daddy if you have ideas other than what is on my list.
  • If you chose to get something not approved or not on my list, please include the gift receipt.

While I love to cook, please no cookbooks.

Anything you buy will be kept secret. I love surprises as much as you like giving them.

  • My absolute, best gift, is spending a few hours on a date.  I love to go out for “coffee” or a meal. One on one time with people I love is what I like the best. “Coupons” for future dates are super too.
  • Check out my Books page for books I am looking for.  Please no ex-library books, though gently used are fine. Hardbacks are preferred, but paperbacks are good too.

“Would like the most”- In order of would like

    • Ninja Blender
    • Be Strong and Courageous T-shirt   (The maroon one on the sample shirts) Womens Large
    • Good High quality camera. Better than point and shoot.  Ask for ideas if needed.  Need one with a good optical zoom.
    • Handwritten favorite recipe cards 4×6 with your name.
    • DIY “diamond art” blank canvas with assorted colored round crystals so I can design my own. (something I can cut to sizes I want.)  Prefer something I can return if not right.

Body Care Products: I prefer to make my own because it is fun and I can customize it.

I like rose and lavender though.  All natural ingredients. I prefer lotions.

Favorite Treats: I eat very little candy and am also very “picky”.  I prefer one expensive treat to a handful of “average”.

  • Dark Chocolate Cherries
  • My favorite candy bar is 75% or lower dark chocolate with (or without) almonds:  Theo, Endangered Species, Ghirardelli, Dagoba, Fair Trade Exchange brands are good brands
  • Real black licorice (Panda and Scotty dogs are examples)
  • M&M’s (caramel or peanut butter are favorites)
  • Dark chocolate Almonds
  • Crunchy Cheetos (not soft cheese puffs!)

One day… in the future… when I use mine up 🙂  But if you find some for an extremely reasonable price 🙂

    • 100% alpaca wool for felting, in natural colors.  I have a lot of colored wool and other types of wool.

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