Lake Ann Camp

I enjoyed Lake Ann Camp a lot this year.  There was a lot of screaming the first few days, but then it got quiet because everyone lost their voice 🙂 and that was okay with me.

I liked paintball.  It was fun that I kept shooting Audrey, but must have missed her.  I was pretty sure I was close, but she did not get out.  She did not know it was me until I asked if it was her I was shooting at.

It was fun getting to know other kids and Evie better too.

Camp is a lot of fun.  Whether I am a camper or helping in the kitchen, I really enjoy being at camp.  Not only do I get to know people, I get to listen to chapel and learn more about God.

I am looking forward to seeing how next summer and camp works out!

The above pictures where taken by my friend Evie, and these are used with permission from Lake Ann.

3 thoughts on “Lake Ann Camp”

  1. Just checked your blog.
    I had so much fun at camp with you, I’m happy and blessed I get to spend my favorite week of the year with you.

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