Blueberry Picking!

My name is Andrea.  I am 6 in a half years old.  I like to play prince and princess.  My favorite animal is kitties.

If you go in my big brother’s blog, he is the oldest kid in the family.  I like to play with Mark.  I get to be the queen.

I have two younger siblings.  Audrey is at Mrs. Cripes Sunday School Table.  She loves birthday parties!  She loves monkeys (Curious Georgies).  Adrian loves to give hugs and is learning to share.

I went picking last week too!

Pick a berry, put it in my pocket...

🙂 Today we went blueberry picking.  When we got there we picked some blueberries for a couple of minutes and then the Deardorff’s Mom called and then we went to see where them were picking blueberries.  Then there was 5 girls–not counting their mommy–and them Grandma was there.


We picked probably a half of a big bucket full.  Or maybe more than a  half.  We picked 14 pounds!  We brought home 7 pounds.  We are going to eat them and freeze them.  We are going back to get more!

The berries we picked today.

I hope you loWe picked these last weekve my blog!

3 thoughts on “Blueberry Picking!”

  1. Hi Andrea;
    You forgot to say, Brooklynn helped me pick blueberries. Brooklynn is my best friend. And Casteel. And Simone. And me. We almost filled my bucket up. That was fun!

    I like your blog!

  2. Blueberry picking is FUN!!! I really like blueberry picking! I like to FILL a bucket FULL of blueberries 🙂 The only problem is that most of the time my bucket is empty before I get home.

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