Happy Birthday Adrian

Today is Adrian’s birthday.  He is ornery sometimes. So I think I should be ornery to him.

I’ll ask Mark to make something to blow up a cake; just a little explosion.  I will make a crocodile cake with red Bavarian cream in it.  When Adrian blows out his candles, it will explode and red Bavarian cream will fly everywhere!

We better eat this cake outside, or Adrian will have a big mess to clean up when I go to soccer practice!

Happy Birthday Adrian.  I love you lots and lots!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Adrian”

  1. Ha ha. If you were here you could have the party by the ocean and jump in the ocean after the explosion. We love you and wish Adrian a wonderful birthday. Love you

  2. We sure wouldn’t want to eat a cake that blows up. Wish Adrian happy birthday from us.

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