Indoor Soccer


This is last weeks game. The skor was 5/3. I had fun. You can bouns the ball off the wall. I did not now that. If the ball goes up over the wall–there is a net to catch it.  Then it is a kick in. There is plastik to see throu.

Can you ges were I am?  Here is a clou, I am no 9. 🙂

My indoor game schedule is every Friday at 5:00 until the 14th of March.  As of now, when those games are done, I am finished with games for awhile.  My games are all at Elkhart Sports Center on 1162 Fremont Ct.  When you go in the building, the field is on the left.There is plenty of room if you want to come watch.

One thought on “Indoor Soccer”

  1. It was fun watching this week’s game. You are getting so much better at soccer! I am proud of you working so hard. It was great that you were able to make a goal too!

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