Giving Thanks

Momma said that she wanted us to find one thing that we are thankful for everyday this month.  Since she came up with the idea late, we don’t have to “catch up” but we are going to try!

I am thankful for my Uncle Dave and Auntie Kristi. They are fun to be around. We play games and I cook with Auntie Kristi. When we go to their house we get to help them.

They help me learn about God too.  Thank you God, for Auntie Kristi and Uncle Dave!

One thought on “Giving Thanks”

  1. Andrea–
    I am thankful for you too! I am thankful for your tenderness towards serving others. I am thankful for the joy of Christ shown through your smile. I am thankful for the very special way God made you. And I’m thankful I get to love you too!!!

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