Making Rice Krispy Treats!

Yesterday night, the boys went to Scouts. We made Rice Crispy Treats.  We ate some little marshmallows. Then Momma said, “I have some big marshmallows.” We said, “yes, please!”

After we ate them, Adrian climbed down and he got into mischief!  Maybe he pulled one of the chairs–he is strong enough to–then Adrian got the scissors.  Or maybe the scissors were at the edge of the counter and he got them.  Then he cut some little squares.  Now he just needs to learn how to make some pictures.

First Momma melted some marshmallows in butter.  Me and Audrey put the Rice Crispy in the dish and then I got to mix it! Then we poured it into the pan with the marshmallows. We ate some and smooched it down into the cake thing a majiggy.  Then we put the chocolate chips on.  We held it and it was finished. We just needed to cook it to melt the chocolate chips.  Then Momma took a knife and buttered the chocolate, like you have bread and you want to put the butter on it.  But it was Rice Crispy Treats and you put chocolate on it.

Momma cut it and then we let it sit a little.  Then we ate it while Momma read to us.

I liked it!

Seven pictures, just like how old I am!

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