Date with Daddy

Today I went out with Daddy.  Yesterday was my birthday.  We always have a date when it is your birthday.

This time we went to Hobby Lobby.  I was nervous.  We looked for ear rings in the jewelry section.

Daddy (you might call Allan) asked the payer to get my ears pierced at Claires.  I was nervous and excited.  I really wanted my ears pierced.  I really wanted to for a long time.  Momma and Daddy said “no, no, no, because I wasn’t responsible!”  Because I am responsible, they let me get them today.

I picked out my earrings, they are pink with flowers.  When I got on the chair, she gave me a teddy bear.  She said the teddy bear had her ears pierced! The earrings were gold sparkly.   It was a black teddy bear.

Then she colored with a pen on my ears and said that is where the holes are going to be.   Daddy looked at it.  Then she put the earrings in something and then held it up to my ear and then poked it into my ear.  Then did the other ear.

It hurt!  I didn’t cry.

I got a free one and another pair that was not free.  One was with butterflies, pink and purple.  Those ones were the free ones.  The others were strawberries.  I picked one out for Momma.  Momma’s is a flower like mine, but with different color petals.

The ear piercer gave me some ear cleaner medicine to help my ears get better.  She also put some on my ears.

Then we went to the Refinery coffee shop.  We got a big package for the coffee shop at church.  I got a bagel at Panera Bread.  Then we got ice cream at Cold Stone.  Mine had strawberries and blueberries.  Daddy had a double coffee something.  We couldn’t eat it all so we brought it home.

I gave Momma her earrings and she said “do you want me to put these on my ears?”  I said, “yes”.  Momma and me are wearing our earrings.

I have to wear my new earrings for a month!  Then I have to wear earrings everyday for a year.  Probably around my birthday I will take them out.

I have to clean them three times a day with cotton or a Q-tip.   I have to have clean hands.  She said to twist them and wiggle them back and forth every time I put the medicine on.  I can’t play with my ears unless my hands are washed clean.

Momma and Daddy said that I can only wear little earrings.  They have to be sterling silver or gold so my ears don’t get infected.  But I can’t change it until another month.

I like my new earrings!

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  1. Wow, Holy Cow, what a Birthday Present……but Mom and Dad more holes in her head? Andrea, I am happy you had such a good date………

    The Nana and Papa

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