Friends Over and Hatching Butterflies!

Wednesday friends came over because we had hatching butterflies.  Six of them!  And Grandma and Grandpa came over.

One hatched while Grandpa and Nana wasn’t there.  He was totally done when they came.  Sarah and Thomas saw it hatching!

We had fun playing with the butterflies and with our friends.  It took awhile for all of them to hatch.

Sarah did not want a butterfly in her hair.  But her Momma told her it doesn’t hurt.  Finally she did it!

There was three butterfly hatched while we were playing with them.  Thomas put one on Mark’s arm.  Sarah put another one on a different arm and I put it in the middle of him–on his nose!  He could not do anything because he had two butterflies on his arms 🙂

I was sad about the last butterfly.  We did not keep guard like Momma said.  We all weren’t obeying her.  It hatched and we did not know it.  I learned that I have to obey when I am told to.

I want to see if it is a girl or a boy.  I have to wait till it opens its wings.

I am happy because we raised eleven butterflies all together!  And soon I get to play with the new butterfly!

2 thoughts on “Friends Over and Hatching Butterflies!”

  1. Great Grandma wants to know how many butterflies you have. Do you share them with Mark or are they yours?

  2. A quarter of them are mine. Another quarter is Mark’s, another quarter is Adrian’s and another quarter is Audrey’s. We had eleven butterflies. We shared them all.

    I love you. Bye Bye. I hope to see you on Monday!

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