Fun ride at the 4-H Fair

My first roller coaster ride!
My first roller coaster ride!

We went to the fair last week.  I got to ride on Crazy Mouse!  I liked it.  It kind of felt like you would fall off the edge.   It turned and we didn’t fall off the edge!  We spinned and at the end it spinned.

And then we went to another ride, the fire truck.  Audrey wanted to ride it.  It was fun but one time it felt like it was going forward, but it was really going backwards!

Good bye for right now!  Later I will tell about somethings I did for 4-H.

Bye for now!

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  1. Good site, has a girls color to it. Hope you have fun putting it together like Mark does……Love you

  2. Hi Andrea! Its sounds like you had fun at the fair! I’ll be home in less than a week, so I’ll see you soon. Much Love!

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