Riding my Bike, Plus Church!

On Sunday, Mark helped me to ride my bike!  I did it the first time!  I can ride my bike!

I can ride it in the grass.  I can ride it on the bumps.  I can ride it on the dirt driveway.  I can’t ride it if both cars are there, I have trouble driving it through.

I feel good about it!  I snitched one of the pictures Mark took of me.  I like this picture!

I got to go to the First Grade Class for Sunday School!  Momma and Daddy surprised me by being my teachers!  I don’t remember my other teachers.  I like it!  It will be a fun year!

On Sunday before church in the morning, the butterfly hatched!   Oma taught me a poem about a butterfly in the three year old Sunday School class.

I saw a little caterpillar. It wiggled up a tree.
It wiggled long, it wiggled short, it wiggled right at me!
I put him in a little box, “Don’t go away!” I said.
But when I opened up the box, he was a butterfly instead!
I could never make one, even if I tried.
Only God in Heaven can make a butterfly!

We let our butterfly go.  It will go to Mexico, so it can stay there for the winter.  She will married and then she will have her babies.   She will lay her eggs on the way back.

5 thoughts on “Riding my Bike, Plus Church!”

  1. That’s a beautiful picture of you andrea….I’m so glad that you are learning so much about God’s world! I’m also glad that mom and dad are your teachers.

  2. I never heard this second verse before, but thought that you might like it.

    Wiggly little tadpole swimming in a lake.
    He wiggles here, he wiggles there, He wiggles like a snake!
    I put him in a jar, “Don’t go away,” I said.
    When I opened up the jar- there was a hopping frog instead!
    I could never make one, even if I try.
    Hopping frogs are made by God, just like the butterfly!

    You are doing a great job Andrea! I love you lots!

  3. WOW!! That is GREAT that you can ride a bike!!! I was older than you before I learned how to ride a bike! How far can you ride?

  4. Uncle Joe;
    I can ride to the end of the drive way. And I can turn.
    I miss you! Did you have a good birthday? Happy birthday late!

    I love you!

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