Betsy was my great aunt’s doll. Aunt Bonnie was given Betsy when she was three or four. It was her only doll. 

Betsy needed a new home.   Aunt Bonnie gave her to me. She has a few feed sack dresses that Aunt Bonnie’s Mom made and a pink jacket with a matching pink bonnet.

Megan enjoys playing with Betsy. She has to be careful because the doll is over 70 years old and very fragile.

Betsy now is in a basket with the rest of my doll collection.  She is probably my favorite because she is the oldest and she has a very special story for me.




Megan swingingWe went to the park to get fresh water and food for our tadpoles.  Megan wanted to play on the swing set so Momma pushed her while I took pictures.

I took a LOT of pictures. These were the only two that worked like I wanted.  It is hard taking pictures while Megan is swinging.

Megan close up

Ronald McDonald

Yesterday, we stopped by McDonalds to use up some free ice cream cone coupons we had earned over the summer from the library reading program. We had a surprise visit from Ronald McDonald. Megan can tell you about him.

Ronald McDonald Marker and Pencil Drawn and Written by Megan 21 December 2014
Ronald McDonald
Marker and Pencil
Drawn and Written by Megan
21 December 2014

We were at the store for ice cream. Because we wanted ice cream.

We went to McDonalds and we saw (Ronald) McDonald, he have white face. He have curly red hair and big red shoeses. He painted his nose red and maded his lips a big red. He gived us presents, they were stickers. He gave lots of people stickers and penyel (pencils)!

He tell me silly stories. He said they pinted (printed) the stickers the wrong way, upside down! I like McDonald.

First Day Canoing

We went on a canoe trip. On the first day we traveled in two canoes. We learned new things. I learned about “killer trees”. I learned how to paddle properly.  I learned how to “pull” and how to listen to Mark on where to paddle.

Daddy, Mommy, Adrian and Megan tipped twice. The rest of us tipped once. No body got hurt tipping over.

We found a sandy beach. We slept in one tent. We were crowded! Mommy and Daddy’s tent was SOAKED!  We had fun.

Starting off at the first access point