Curing Fiber

I learned how to cure alpaca fiber.  I had fun experimenting. Now I want to learn how to put sparkles in the fiber.

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You will need:

  • 4 cup water
  • 1 tsp citric acid
  • 2 1/2 cup washed fiber
  • 1 pkg kool-aid (or more depending on color)

Steam water (don’t boil!), pour in kool-aid and citric acid and stir. Place fiber in push down and simmer for 30 min or till water is clear. Strain, DO NOT PUSH DOWN!– you do not want to felt it. Let dry on rack.


Today’s guest speaker is Megan.

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Translation, if needed 🙂

Today we went to the park and played with kites. It was a lot of fun!

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FeedingLuke is a baby alpaca. He is five days old. The first day, we thought he was eating but he wasn’t.

On Saturday he looked sick, so the neighbors took him to the vets. They said it looked funny because everyone brought in their dogs and their cats, and put them on their laps. The neighbors came in, holding an alpaca and put him on their lap!

The vet said that Luke wasn’t eating and might have something called “dumb foal”. I don’t understand what that means, but we plan to research it and learn what it is.

So right now, we are bottle feeding him.  We are trying to have him nurse from his momma too.  He is not exactly acting like other newborn alpacas, but he is acting a lot better than he did.






P.S  Luke started to have more seizures and got really sick.  He went to the vets but did not come home.


Easter Dresses

Easter dressesThis pattern is from my Great Grandma.  It was a dress she had made in the 1950’s!

I liked this dress so I made it for Easter.  I found the material off the sale rack and Daddy we said we could buy it.  It is the first time I ever picked out everything myself.

The hardest part was doing the hem, because it was like ten million yards!  It felt like that because it is a circle skirt plus an insert because it is a wrap around.  The original dress pattern is just below the knees, but I wanted it longer, so we added some length to it.

Instead of buttons on the front, we put grommets and a tie.  It fits me perfectly right now, but we wanted it to fit longer. Momma said, “a lot longer!”

Megan wanted to match me.  So we found a pattern and it was the wrong way around. So we reversed it and altered it some.

I want to make another dress like this one.